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TRI NCC 209™

Recently developed by TRI for the U.S. Navy to fight cathodic delamination (premature bond failure) of submarine connectors, TRI’s NCC 209™’s metal pretreatment system is ideal for use in harsh environments such as industrial, subsea and down-hole operations. NCC 209™ firmly adheres rubbers and metals needed to survive chemical exposure and high-pressure, extreme temperature conditions.

In independent third part testing, the new NCC 209™ out performs all other NCC systems in standard overmolds with peel strengths well beyond any previously seen. The result is a bond that can survive the harshest corrosive environments over an extended service life.

New Overmold System

  • New NCC for both Navy and commercial applications
  • Reduces exposure to harmful VOC’s and hazardous materials.
  • Offers solutions to a very limited number of approved NCC coatings and overmold systems.
  • Reduces the number failure points that exist in the currently approved overmold systems.
  • Increased reliability, reduced costs, improved application methods.

TRI Next Generation NCC provides:

  • Improved cathodic protection
  • Ease of processing
  • Applicable to NLOS locations
  • Lower cost
  • Higher density (less porosity)

M-24231 Plug Sleeves Coated with NCC 209™

Testing Results PRC 1547 and PR 420 Primer on NCC 209™ Baseline and 2 Week

To learn if TRI NCC 209™ can help you with your application, contact:

Vince Newton
Dir. Sales and Marketing

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